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Tony Annicone, Tony's Corner

"The costumes by Travis M. Grant are breathtaking especially impressive are the costumes that turn inside out to become the fairy godmother's purple and pink gown, Cinderella's white gown to the ball and the gold gown to the banquet."


Lisa Kristoff, Boothbay Register

“Speaking of things extraordinaire, the costumes in this show (like 176 give or take a few) by costume designer Travis M. Grant are alternately dazzling and exquisite. In fact, there are so many costume changes that have to happen in a matter of minutes that you will definitely understand the phrase “the magic of theater.” The song “Beautiful Girl” has over a dozen costumes … And, the four-part “Broadway Melody” … well, I lost count. Bravo Mr. Grant!”


Celeste Caraker, Broadway World

"I first feel compelled to recognize the costume design by Travis M. Grant. Every outfit was meticulously put together, top to toe, and brought out distinct character traits for everyone. I especially enjoyed the monotone, mysterious sparkles of The Ancestors, but everything was exceptional. Costumes can really help a production come to life, and these felt like the perfect self-expressions for each and every role."


"Costume Designer Travis M. Grant once again outdoes himself, building over one hundred garments rich in color, texture, silhouette, and detail. Giving free reign to the fantasy, Grant creates a universe at once deliciously outrageous, glamorous, witty, and loveably folksy. His solutions to the many technical challenges of these fairytale characters are clever and eye-catching from the silhouette perfect Four Friends to the winged monkeys on graduated pogo stick stilts or the flowingly draped human Yellow Brick Road. His is a combination of subtlety - countless individual shades of emerald green, for example - and unabashed glitz that captures flawlessly the sense of fable and fantasy."

Carla Maria Verdino-Sullwold, Broadway World

"Costume designer Travis M. Grant tops off the splendor with eye-catching costumes that are beyond whimsical."

April Boyle, Portland Press Herald


Rich Mehrenberg, Broadway World

"Adam Koch and Travis Grant (among others) should be commended for their design work on the show's set and costumes. They created a magic spectacle of a show, rich with beauty and appeal."


“…Travis M. Grant's costumes make their La Mirada debut here, and they are Broadway fabulous each and every one…”

Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

" [the] intensely colorful and exquisitely detailed costumes (that rival William Ivey Long’s Tony-award winning creations) are even more amazing when front and center."

Linda Chin, Theater Mirror


Zach Dunkin, Current Publishing

"Hats off to makeup designer Daniel Klinger and costume designer Travis Grant ... for a brilliant display of detailed and brilliantly colored looks. The “Forever” scene with Donkey, the Dragon ... and the Knights was spectacular."


Charles Crosby, The Cryer Online

"In Act 2, I must say I was blown away, as was the audience who applauded along with me, when the curtain rose on the "Beauty School Dropout" scene - no words can accurately describe how beautiful the set and costumes were. Travis M. Grant ... makes his main stage debut as the costume designer for GREASE. His creativity and the work of his talented team is excellent and he told me that his thought process behind this scene was "Zigfield, meets the Jetsons" and I guess that is the best way to describe it. It is great to see talents like Grant's recognized by MSMT's management."


Carla Maria Verdino-Sullwold, Broadway World

"...relying on the brilliant and bizarre costumes of Travis M. Grant, the garish, outlandish, rebellious, and provocative mood is quickly established."

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